Total customer support for business with CRM

Providing after sales service is the most important factor to attract more and more customers as well as to retain the existing customers.

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Providing after sales service is the most important factor to attract more and more customers as well as to retain the existing customers. Customer support helps to grow bigger. Customer support is the most important part of the business success. How CRM is useful to increase customer support? CRM is the software developed for customer relationship management. This is the best tool to monitor the customer relation and thereby company can retain old and existing customers plus attract new customers. CRM support provides the customer support and the service management features such as cases, solutions, case assignment and escalation via workflow rules, easy to deploy web to case forms to capture customer specific cases through the websites.
Addition to this Customer support with Customer relationship management provide synchronization of customer-specific email messages as cases from outlook mail client to the cases modules in CRM. Case management and solution management are the two important customer support modules for business operating with CRM software.
Case management is the first part of customer support. Case management track end-to-end all the customer reported cases as per the company’s support process. Company can generate cases through phones, emails or web sites by using web-to-case form. Specific-customer emails can be added as a case from the outlook mail client. Case routing processes are automated by using case assignment rules. All the cases are assigned to right support agent in the organization. Case escalation process is set. For this workflow rules are used for better case resolution and to enhance the customer satisfaction. Afterwards case modules are customized according the company’s customer support process. Adding more customer fields, modifying the page layout by using drag and drop tool, changing the related list views, etc are included in the customization. Case reports and dashboards are customized in case management CRM.
Next is solution management module of CRM. Through Solution management product-wise solutions are managed in an easily accessible and centralized location. Solution management helps to do periodical update in the product and service through customer feedback and suggestions. The solution management customize the solution module that suit to the organization knowledge base needs. It also customizes the knowledge base reports and the dashboards.
Thus CRM provides total customer support for the business through case management and solution management modules. The customer support provided by CRM software goes beyond the traditional notions of the technical support. The CRM software is the personalized customer support solutions. All customers are enrolled in the basic support automatically. Company can reach each and every customer and can solve their problem, make follow ups, etc. CRM with focus on customer interaction management, help to track and resolve various issues related to customers quickly and thereby delivers superior customer support and take back customer satisfaction of highest level. Thus customer relationship management software is proved to be award winning solutions that enable the organization to provide an exceptional customer support through increased service levels and the first call resolution through various customer interaction mediums  and thereby boost customer satisfaction.

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